Gulf Superfleet Professional

Gulf Superfleet Professional Driving Fleet Efficiency

In an industry where fleet performance and efficiency are paramount, every small change can make a significant impact. Heavy-duty vehicles face countless challenges on the road, from harsh driving conditions to maintaining low emissions and meeting stringent regulations. Gulf Superfleet Professional offers the advanced formulations and technologies necessary to maximize your fleet's performance, service life, and reliability while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Advanced Protection for Heavy-Duty Engines

Gulf Superfleet Professional with its Tri-Guard Technology, offers active 3-way engine protection. Its anti-wear molecules form a robust oil film protecting the engine surfaces against wear. While the detergent molecules disperse soot particles preventing deposit build up for a cleaner engine, Neutralising acids and prevent from corrosion. Maintaining optimal engine and oil performance for longer, allowing for longer drain intervals.

Gulf Superfleet Professional Benefits

Based on Gulf Superfleet Professional Long Drain 10W-40 CI-4, E6, as per industry standard test Seq. 1) Mack-T-12 for ACEA E9. 2) OM501LA for ACEA E6 3) Demonstrated a reductionin Copper corrosion of more than 89%, Compared with the API CI-4, API CK-4 as measured in the Cummins high- temperature corrosion bench test.

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