Gulf Formula

Gulf Formula protection for modern engines

We expect a lot out of modern engines. Even as engines become more compact with every generation, they are expected to provide more power, lower emissions and greater fuel economy. We require consistent performance even in extreme conditions and also demand longer service intervals and engine lifetimes. The strenuous demands put on our modern engines mean they are subject to more intense loads and extreme temperatures. They can lead to premature wear and hinder your engine from sustaining its peak performance.

Gulf Formula

Gulf Formula is an advanced full synthetic engine oil with superior-quality additives that prevent oil from rapid deterioration, to help sustain peak performance.

Peak performance in extreme conditions

A superior product for the modern car. If you’re looking for sustained peak performance in the most extreme conditions, look no further than Gulf Formula.

Gulf Formula is an advanced, fully synthetic engine oil designed for car owners who want nothing but the best protection for their modern engines. Our Thermo-Shield Technology is at the heart of Gulf Formula and keeps your engine oil stable even in extreme temperatures. It helps protect your engine from the build-up of deposits that can rob it of power and ensures that a robust film of oil is maintained for efficient wear protection, avoiding rapid oil degradation.

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